Day Two Jan 26 Version 0.2

Even though it technically being posted early morning of January 27th I am counting it at January 26th because I am to stubborn to accept my failures in a sleep schedule. Anyways let us get to the change log!

What has been done:

Visual Rework

Limited Piston Movement on a piston based on an piston by piston basis.

Made an actual level to play and test in.

Tomorrow's goal:

Increase Render FOV so you cannot see the everything faze in and out.

Three step bridge.

Spring Loaded Launch Pad (Possibly used to faze out the physics added onto the standard piston for variety)

Doors for better optimization

What is to do: ( outside of the Trello / to be put onto the Trello )

Main menu

FOV , Sensitivity , and Input Configuration Menu.

Graphics Config Menu


V0.02 ( Jan 16 )
Jan 27, 2018

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